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Saladstop! x HSBC Credit Cards

Good for our Body and Good for the Planet!

HSBC x Saladstop! HSBC Credit Card Exclusive Offer

Receive 1 x S$10 Saladstop e-vouchers (in the form of promo code) when you apply via Saladstop and when your card is approved. Valid for applications from 15 February 2023 to 15 March 2023. Apply Here.

Only applicable to new cardholder. 2 trees planted on your behalf by HSBC for every approved card. Marketing consent has to be provided to HSBC in order to be eligible for the welcome gift, subject to other qualifying conditions.

E-vouchers can only be used when you order online via Saladstop for pick up or delivery.
T&Cs apply.

Saladstop! is proud to be part of One Planet Plate @oneplanetplateglobal, a worldwide restaurant campaign contributing towards a better food future. Eating wide awake is our commitment to the best possible ingredients for the mind and body, taking into consideration the environment as well as the food chain.

Terms & Conditions

The promotion period (“Promotion Period”) is on 15 February 2023 – 15 March 2023, both days inclusive, unless otherwise stated.

    1. All applications received after the specified Promotion Period, or submitted through any means other than specified below, will not be eligible for the Promotion. Any correspondence on missing and/or delayed submissions shall not be entertained.
    2. This promotion (“Promotion”) is organised by Saladstop! Pte. Ltd (“Saladstop!”) and is open to all residents of Singapore. Residents of Singapore include Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and foreigners holding Employment Passes, S Passes. Saladstop reserves all rights to reject any rewards redemption submissions if the user is not a resident of Singapore.
    3. By participating in this Promotion, each participant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Saladstop! reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion at any time, without prior notice.
    4. To be eligible for the Promotion (“Eligible Participants”), the participant must:
          1. Submit an application for a credit card (“Eligible Card”, Table 1 below) on the promotion website https://www.saladstop.com.sg/ or Saladstop! In-store QR code or Saladstop! Promotion post on social as a main cardholder during the Promotion Period.
          2. Provide HSBC your consent to receive marketing and promotional materials from HSBC at the time of submitting their application and has not revoked his/her consent to receive marketing or promotional materials from HSBC at the time of gift fulfilment.
            Eligible Cards:
            Card ProviderCredit CardsReward
            • HSBC Revolution Credit Card
            • HSBC Advance Credit Card
            • HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card
            See here
          3. Have their Eligible Card (shown in Table 1 above) application approved by the respective Card Provider, approval must be final and unconditional.
    5. A Successful Application is defined as an application that has completed all the steps listed in Clause 5 (above).
    6. Successful Applicants must ensure that the Eligible Card is valid and in good standing (not cancelled or blocked) at point of gift fulfilment
        1. 1 x e-vouchers (in the form of promo codes) valued at S$10 each at Saladstop!
          1. Successful Applicants will receive an SMS with the e-voucher (in the form of promo codes) from HSBC confirming the redemption details for the Rewards. Successful Applicants are encouraged to check spam/junk folders for the Rewards Email as there may be accidental redirects by the email client. Successful Applicants notifications vary from Card Provider to Card Provider.
          2. Successful Applicants should approach the Card Provider for any queries.
          3. Rewards that are not claimed past the collection period stipulated on the Rewards Notification Email will be forfeited.
    7. Each Successful Application will receive the Saladstop! Exclusive Gift (“Rewards”), based on the pre-selected rewards and status: HSBC Credit Cards
          1. “New HSBC Credit Cardholder” refers to applicants who:
              1. does not hold any existing HSBC credit card
              2. has not cancelled any HSBC credit card within the last 12 months prior to the card application
          2. “Existing HSBC Credit Cardholder” refers to applicants who:

              1. holds an existing HSBC credit card issued more than 12 months
              2. has not cancelled any HSBC credit card within the last 12 months prior to the card application.
            Eligible ProductFulfilmentGift for Eligible
            New HSBC Credit Cardholder
            Gift for Eligible
            Existing HSBC Credit Cardholder
            HSBC Revolution Credit CardSaladstop! X HSBC

            From 15 February – 15 March 2023(Both Days Inclusive)

            1 x e-vouchers (in the form of promo codes) valued at S$10 each at Saladstop!^


            1 x One Tree Planted e-CertificateFor every eligible card approval, HSBC will plant up to 2 trees in Malaysia/Indonesia/India on behalf of new HSBC Credit Cardholder.

            To fulfil the promotion, the bank will be working with One Tree Planted^^^, a non-profit environmental tree planting charity who focused on global reforestation. ^^

            HSBC Advance Credit Card
            HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

            ^To be fulfilled by bank
            This Promotion is valid with HSBC Credit Card Sign Up Promotion (Valid until 30 April 2023) (Click here for Terms and Conditions) unless otherwise stated. For the avoidance of doubt, new HSBC Credit Cardholder applicants of the Saladstop! X HSBC Promotion are eligible to participate in the HSBC Credit Card Sign Up Promotion offered by the bank during the Promotional Period.
            ^^To be fulfilled by bank
            Eligible HSBC Credit Cardholder may receive updates on the progress of the Promotion after the promotional period regarding the trees planted under this Promotion, after the Bank determines in its discretion that all criteria under this Promotion have been met. Any request dictating the type, location and time of which the trees would be planted, will not be entertained by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right, at its discretion, to substitute the Promotion, with other carbon-offsetting activities of similar impact without prior notice.
            ^^^ To be fulfilled by bank
            The One Tree Planted e-Certificate will be sent to the registered email address used in the credit card application.

    8. To enjoy the Saladstop! x HSBC Credit Card Exclusive Offer, log in to order.saladstop.com.sg
      1. Create an account if you pre-order for the first time at SaladStop!
      2. Checkout and enter Promo Code
      3. Promo codes can only be redeemed once, any unused amount during transaction will be forfeited.
      4. For delivery, there is a minimum purchase of $30 and delivery fee from $6.90 onwards
    9. SaladStop! reserves the right to substitute items in the promotion or offer should there be any unforeseen circumstance.
    10. An Eligible Participant will only be entitled to receive one (1) Reward as an Eligible New Customer per application, regardless of the number of cards approved in a single application.
    11. Approval of any Eligible Card is still subject to the Bank’s discretion. Saladstop! does not guarantee the approval of any product
    12. The relevant Card Provider reserves the right to determine the source of application using their internal tracking codes and at their full discretion.


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